Dr. Zac Mtema

Senior Research Scientist
Ifakara Health Institute
Dr. Mtema is a 2016 UK Guardian University awards winner for outstanding mobile phone-based surveillance for infections disease elimination in Africa. Dr. Mtema has experience in investigating disease dynamics and conducting public health surveillance in low resource settings. He has developed mHealth applications that are currently being used by thousands of health workers in remote locations in Tanzania to monitor disease control efforts supported by WHO and the Gates Foundation. Dr. Mtema is also a research scientist extensively researching on use of autonomous unmanned aerial delivery system for emergency aerial delivery of blood and life-saving medicines in Tanzania.

9:00 AM Healthcare: The use of autonomous unmanned aerial delivery system for emergency aerial delivery of essential medical supply

  • Using drones for integrated disease surveillance and response systems
  • Discussing the importance of UAVs for accessing hard to reach areas for delivering medical aid
  • Case study examples on how drones have been used to provide medical aid, understanding how drones can help ensure quick access to test samples and improve disease surveillance

1:15 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Drones for good: Using drones for improving people’s lives today

  • Realising the true value of drones and discussing the various ways in which drones are being used for humanitarian and commercial activities
  • Highlighting the positive impact of drones and comparing them with traditional methods of performing various applications including delivery, inspection, surveillance and many more
  • Discussing the future applications of drones in the East African region

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