Maria Stefanopoulos

Production Manager
ABC News

11:45 AM Journalism: Drones and news gathering/television production around the world

  • Showcasing how drones have helped improve news gathering by reaching inaccessible areas and how ABC News, has pioneered and perfected being able to show their audience marvels of the earth in a way they’ve never seen before
  • Discussing the challenges including budget, clearance, location permit and legal constraints involved all over the world, when using drones.
  • Highlighting the lessons learnt by ABC News whilst using drones for news gathering on an active volcano, into the world’s biggest cave in the middle of a jungle in central Vietnam, into a glacier and in and around Ngorongoro Crater

1:15 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Drones for good: Using drones for improving people’s lives today

  • Realising the true value of drones and discussing the various ways in which drones are being used for humanitarian and commercial activities
  • Highlighting the positive impact of drones and comparing them with traditional methods of performing various applications including delivery, inspection, surveillance and many more
  • Discussing the future applications of drones in the East African region

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